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Open Wheeler Video Game Cockpit

OpenWheeler - navigate an authentic racing car in your... bedroom

You'll discover that Open Wheeler is a catch-all term for purpose made racing vehicles with the wheels situated outside the vehicle's principal body. This is distinct, as a matter of fact, from cars which have their wheel below the body in the manner of most conventional street cars. Formula One racers are open-wheelers which is the foremost racing genre as far as open-wheelers are concerned.

A definition of what a single-seater car really is

The racer's body is encased in a minute open-wheeler cockpit, defining the typical open-wheeler style, with his head exposed to the air. Behind the racer the motor is situated, which propels the back wheels. Most types of single-seaters have a very low and virtually flat under-tray which helps produce extra aerodynamic downforce that pushes the car onto the circuit, with wings placed at the front and at the rear side of the vehicle.

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